EU Introduces Crypto Anti-Money Laundering Regulation

The Council of the EU has reached a political consensus on amendments to the 4th AML directive and, among other changes, introduced a definition of “virtual currencies”. After it comes in force, providers of exchange services between virtual and fiat currencies, and custodian wallet providers will have to comply with the AML directive. I should…


A call for legal, ethical and sustainable token offerings

The wider public has been following recent developments in the crypto industry regarding different token offerings stating attractively high numbers of raised funds in incredibly short time. Typical to new phenomena, the public has divided itself in two main groups – one in favour and one opposing it. In my view, this phenomenon is not…


Seven things about legal aspects of doing business in Slovenia

Due to Slovenia being an EU member country, its legal system is heavily influenced by the EU law. Historically, it belongs to a group of continental legal systems, where the law mostly originates in codifications. In the past years, many changes have been made to the legislation to make it more business friendly and to…


Opportunity: financial incentives for foreign direct investments (FDI) in Slovenia (deadlines in February and March 2017)

Slovenia is an interesting market for foreign direct investment (FDI) due to its EU membership, excellent location and stable business environment. Slovenia also offers several interesting funding opportunities for enterprises. A Call for Tender to attract FDI to the Republic of Slovenia in 2016 and 2017 is currently open. The purpose of the Call is…


Hint: non-competition clause and contractual penalty

Slovenia‘s legal system provides employees with a high level of protection of their rights. However, employers also want to protect their position and their interests. It is a very well-known dilemma of employers regarding training of their employees: “A: What will happen if we educate employees and they leave? B: What will happen if we do…


A new beginning

The legal market has always been a peculiar market due to the nature of work, personal relationships between the clients and attorneys and trust, established between them. But, as for any other market, the question remains what will be the right strategy and approach in the next decade? Small markets, such as Slovenia, and bigger…