Boutique Law Firm

We are a boutique law firm providing excellent and professional tailor made solutions in specific fields of law to our clients. NLaw is focused on building its reputation for competence and professionalism by serving corporate clients in all fields of general corporate law.

Personal Approach

NLaw is not a manufacturing factory preparing products based on template drafts. We are a team of experts with names and faces who in person engage with clients and provide tailor made solutions. We appreciate and nurture our personal relationship with clients built through overcoming challenges and long-term cooperation.


NLaw provides creative legal solutions to achieve business goals by identifying legal obstacles and generating new conceptual ideas and approaches.

Acting Preventively

We advise our clients during their regular course of business and reduce their legal risks. Clients consequently avoid unnecessary disputes and also reduce the costs of running a business. If a dispute does arise, clients are well prepared and their chances of success in litigation or arbitration are higher.

Legal Tech

We love new technologies that enable us to provide our services better and faster. We strongly believe that advanced IT technologies are changing the way business and legal advisory functions today. NLaw has tightly integrated the most advanced technologies into its operations and is continuously implementing new ones.

Bridging Global and Local

Doing business today is a global activity and we are able to meet all clients needs and expectations in this regard. NLaw has in-depth local market knowledge and its experts have been schooled internationally and they regularly stay in touch with legal developments on a global level. NLaw has firm relationships with organisations and law firms globally and can consequently provide its clients with legal advice taking into account international aspects of doing business today.